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“Strategies sometimes employed by ‘cerebral brainiacs’ can over-complicate the great game of ice hockey. Tim Moshansky’s fun book of Hockey Terms will enlighten the casual to the most ardent fan by striding through the basics enjoyed from pond hockey to a lengthy playoff run in a quest for the Cup. It will become your rule book for hockey terms!”
Kerry Fraser, Former NHL Referee, and Author of  The Final Call; Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes

JimHughson“The A to Z Guide is the perfect companion for new hockey fans and for those who just forgot as phrase or two. It nails the terminology of the game from today and yesterday and, I might add, seems the ideal book to pass to the friend who asks a question while you’re watching the power play.”

Jim Hughson, Play-by-Play Announcer
CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada

PhilEsposito“I think we need to start selling this book down here.”
Phil Esposito, Hockey Legend
Tampa Bay, Florida

MichaelMcKinleyThumbnail“The A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms is the ideal game-time companion. It reveals all kinds of stuff you need to know, stuff that’s fun to know, and even stuff that you probably don’t know but will help you win hockey bets. And best of all, it won’t drink your beer!”

Michael McKinley, Author of Hockey: A People’s History, The Penalty Killing, and After 60: The Story of Hockey Night in Canada


DavidOconnor“Books that fit in your pocket can be useful. One can pull them out in the car, maybe the mall, or even the ridiculously-long line at the grocery store. Better yet, there’s one book you can quickly pull out at the rink, and this it it.

It’s filled with over 800 definitions, diagrams, illustrations, and photos, all with the purpose of helping “new and old fans understand everything that is important about the game.” Though it’s one of the smallest books you’ll ever read – it sizes in at about 5.5? x 4.25? – A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms will teach even the most passionate fans something they never knew before.” Click here to read the full book review
David O Connor, The Hockey Writers

joePelletierthumbnail“In addition to serving as hockey’s dictionary, the A to Z Guide offers a complete experience. There are lots of historical and fun facts inserted throughout the text.”
Click here for the full review
Joe Pelletier, Hockey author and historian

 bellaOnlinethumbnail“This book is perfect for anyone wanting to have a quick and simple reference when they need to find out the meaning to a hockey related term. If the announcer says a player scored a “garbage goal” and you are unsure as to what he meant by that term, you can have the answer in seconds with this book nearby. Pretty much anything you will want to know about hockey will be found in this little treasure. The care and devotion that went into this work shine through clearly. Without question, this book would prove priceless to anyone just starting to watch or follow ice hockey and would be a big aid to those with some experience with the game…This book deserves four stars and should be on the wish list of any aspiring hockey guru.” Click here for the full review
Kevin Thorburn, Bella Online Ice Hockey Editor

insightMagazinethumbnail“Not being a hockey player myself, I often found myself on the short end of hockey related talk. Now that I have this pocket lexicon, I find myself actually being able to join into conversations more frequently, and better yet, I often start conversation threads and sometimes arguments – inevitably pulling out the Moshanky Brothers book to back up my new found knowledge. All in all, I more than recommend this little treasure for anybody that is a hockey fan, wants to be a hockey fan or even is looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member that enjoys the sport. Perfect for trivia fun, and destined to become a staple in all hockey circles for many years to come. Definitely five pucks for this little baby.”

Bill Code, Vancouver Island Insight Magazine

JamesKouledianosthumbnailI have seen the book and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s a great tool for people trying to get into Hockey. We definitely need more hockey fans out there. There was even some stuff in there I didn’t know about.”

James Kouledianos, Radio producer and host

Reviews from Fans

“I bought this book for my 9-year old son who is really getting into hockey this year. This book is absolutely terrific and is a must have for the casual or the serious hockey fan.”
R. Amstadt, San Jose, California

“I bought two of these books. One for my wife (and me too) and one for my best friend’s family that goes to San Jose Sharks games with us. My wife is already quoting things I didn’t know. The other family loves it as well. Plus it’s compact, so you can stick it in your back pocket and bring it to the game or have it on the coffee table next to the TV watching the game. Great book.”

Sean Anderson, Santa Cruz, California

“Don’t let the size fool you, this book is really a winner! From A to Z, everything you need and should know about the game. Everything is short and sweet, but right on the money. Good things do come in small packages!”

Chris Tamis, Saint James, New York

“I love this book and would give it to anyone who is interested in hockey. I didn’t really know much about hockey until this year when I decided to find out why my husband liked it so much. What’s the big deal? The action is pretty exciting, although I’m not into the fighting. So my husband gave me this book so I could look up all sorts of things about the game. What’s a hat trick? or icing? There’s a rink diagram showing what the different lines mean and areas on the ice. I even stumped my husband with some trivia about awards. This book lives on my coffee table.”

Wendy Jackson, Vancouver, BC

“Before I picked up the A to Z Hockey guide, I only knew a few rules about the game and even then felt a little out of place when talking to hockey fans about the game. Now that I have studied the book, when I am watching the game at the pub I can say things like “oh-no Nasland’s in the Sin-Bin again” (Penalty Box) and people are looking at me like I’m some sort of hockey expert.”

Sam Hayes, Atlanta, Georgia