Pucks are frozen prior to professional games. As many as 30 or 40 pucks are used in each NHL game.

Players are not allowed to play with a broken stick. They will get a two-minute penalty if they do.

If a player shoots the puck out of his own end and it goes over the glass, they will receive a two minute penalty for delay of game.

A puck can be deflected off a player’s skates into the net, but if there is a “distinct kicking motion,” it is considered “no goal.”

trivia-butterflyThe home team gets to change their lines last. They also get to put their sticks down last during face-offs.

Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky chose #99 as a way to honour his favourite player, Gordie “Mr. Hockey” Howe, who wore #9 throughout his career. There were many other famous players who wore #9 as well, including Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. #99 has been retired by the NHL league-wide. No player may ever wear #99 on their NHL jersey as a token of respect to the greatest player ever.

Mario Lemieux was the first player to score in every category during one game: Even Strength, Power Play, Short-Handed, Penalty Shot and Empty Net. No player has ever done it since.

trivia-featherIf a puck bounces off a referee or linesman and goes into the net, it is considered “no goal.”

The AHL affiliate, or “Farm Team” for an NHL team is also called the “Minors.” Players can be brought from the farm or “called up” to the NHL team affiliated with them.

“Transition hockey” refers to how well a team or player can change between offense and defense during play.

The “Sean Avery Rule” stipulates that a player may not wave their stick in front of the goalie’s face or otherwise deliberately obstruct their vision. They will receive a two-minute penalty if they do.

trivia-hookingIf you play more than 10 seasons in the NHL, you qualify for roommate amnesty.(You can have your own room on the road.)

The first TV commentator to use the “Telestrator” to help audiences understand the game was Howie Meeker. “He gets the puck and he just skates, skates, skates! You would think he had rockets on his feet.”

The 1966/67 NHL season was the only one in league history in which not a single trade was made.

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